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No, It's Not Too Early to Criticize Joe Biden
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Censorship in mainstream corporate American media outlets is subtle. It’s not so much that they spin the truth. It’s that they omit pertinent facts and exclude relevant points of view.

So it is with politics. Among the tools available to messaging and framing experts is “flooding the field” — dominating the news with a blizzard of headlines in order to obscure actions they ought to be undertaking but are instead ignoring. That’s what we are seeing, or not seeing, from the new Biden administration.

Former President Donald Trump and his predecessors left behind a hell of a mess. But much of what you and I consider unfinished disasters to be reversed or cleaned up is to this centrist Democrat’s cronies and top administrators just business as usual, perfectly desirable neoliberal policy that, as far as they are concerned, can and should continue. Only one thing to get in the way of the continuationists: voters noticing what they are up to.

A lot of important items are missing from President Joe Biden’s executive orders and early legislative proposals. He and his allies are hiding behind the usual fig leaf of “Give the guy time. He just got in. He has a lot of stuff to fix.” But that’s malarkey. There is only one reason that issues near and dear to progressives couldn’t have been prioritized for early action alongside the over three dozen presidential executive orders that have already been signed: The White House’s agenda isn’t the same as ours.

Take the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. It’s an international embarrassment that turns everything the United States preaches about human rights into a joke. It should have been closed years ago. The inmates should be released — to the United States if their home countries won’t take them or are too dangerous — and all prisoners past and present should be generously compensated and offered physical and psychological health treatment for the remainder of their lives.

Biden doesn’t care about Gitmo, and we should hold him to account for his immorality. He has had almost nothing to say about this boil on the butt of America since he began running for president. He blames Congress for a 2014 law forbidding the military from transferring prisoners to the U.S., shrugs his shoulders and talks about other things.

Nothing prevents the president from closing the facility. He could do it with the stroke of a pen. Actually, the entire naval base should be returned to Cuba, from which it was stolen as a spoil of the based-on-lies Spanish-American War. Let Congress figure out what to do with its torture victims.


Considering how easy it would be for him to take bold and decisive action on an issue that would earn him widespread claim from human rights organizations and the international community, it is more than fair to criticize Biden for ignoring this huge issue in favor of the relatively trivial question of whether transgender women should be allowed to compete in high school athletics.

Another blight on our country’s international reputation is the ongoing drone war. International polls are clear; everyone on Earth except citizens of the United States despises us for invading foreign airspace with assassination robots and murdering people who apparently almost always turn out to be completely innocent. Like his predecessors, Biden is responsible for signing off on any moves to blow up people on the other side of the planet for no good reason. And he could stop it with a stroke of a pen. It’s not like he’s too busy.

As with Guantanamo, however, Biden has been silent on drones. Biden’s new director of national intelligence, Avril Haines, was a lawyer for then-President Barack Obama lawyer who signed off on Obama’s drone “kill list” between 2013 and 2015. She also reportedly helped cover up CIA torture. “We know that in almost all cases that she said it was legal to put these names on the kill list, and people were subsequently killed by drone, including American citizens,” says CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou. (Disclosure: I have been interviewed by Kiriakou and consider him a friend.) But the media don’t talk much about that. They’re super excited that this miserable turd of a human being is female.

The talking point that a new president is busy and should be allowed time to do what’s right is an effective but ridiculous argument. The president of the United States has a huge staff reporting directly to him; he can walk and chew gum and stand on a foot and bark like a dog all at the same time. And if he’s too busy to do the right thing, he should certainly be too busy to do the wrong thing.

Progressives and other critics of the administration shouldn’t grant Joe Biden a honeymoon that he doesn’t seem interested in taking.

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  1. You seem like you think he’ll come around.

    When pigs fly. This is a president of the United States you are talking about. They are all alike.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  2. You think President Magoo’s term has been bad so far? It’s going to get a lot worse.

    We had a four year hiatus in American military aggression overseas under Trump. Now that we have the Obama foreign policy brain trust back in charge, that’s all going to change.

    Remember, your vote for Biden was a vote for war.

    • Agree: Gordo
  3. meamjojo says:

    “Take the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. It’s an international embarrassment…”

    Guantanamo who? Who cares? Blow the whole place up with the prisoners inside and then turn it back over to Cuba.

    “Drone war…”

    We need more and better armed drones. They are good weapons that keep soldiers from getting killed. Adding AI so they can take action on their own will be a great leap forward.

    Is this the best you can do Rall? A column of TWO points, neither of which is close to being in the forefront of anyone’s mind. Sheese.

    • Troll: Beavertales
  4. Another failure of Biden-Harris is not acting on their claim that they seek abolition of the barbaric USA death penalty, a practice already rejected by more than 80% of the world’s nations, including Russia … most judicial executioners being in Muslim countries, along with ‘imperial fantasy’ afflicted nations of USA, China, India, Japan and Belarus

    Biden-Harris should immediately commute the death sentences of all US federal prisoners … plus have a federal civil rights team go into every state working to block state executions

    And they should also tell the Supreme Court Justices that any of them not immediately showing their willingness to declare the death penalty ‘cruel and unusual’, will be swiftly impeached by Congress and removed from office for ‘lack of good behaviour’, as the US Constitution specifically allows

    Biden is only a recent convert to death penalty abolitionism, having a long role in ugly laws creating more and more severe jailings as well as executions … and Kamala Harris is notorious for when, as California Attorney General, she refused to authorise DNA tests for death row inmates who had serious claims of innocence

  5. @obwandiyag

    I find myself agreeing with Mr. Rall on every point …

    (Is it too early to worry? 😛 )

    … though his basic argument is wrongheaded – policy is not a popularity contest.
    (“States don´t have morals – they have interests”. – Bismarck)
    But it´s an interesting parallel between the Golden Golem of of Greatness and the Sniffer-in-Chief that none of what they were actually (+/- allegedly) elected for was ever going to happen i.e. the swamp has achieved full spectrum dominance and elections are officially meaningless (except for the anti-White pogroms but there´s not much of a difference either).

  6. Wyatt says:

    America has a good reason to keep the death penalty. There are some negros so terrifyingly dangerous and disgusting that even white liberals want them dead. If we were a more reasonable nation, the sheer number of murderous black felons (and the handful of everyone else) would be quite small because we keep them off the streets and put them in pine boxes, thus saving both lives and taxpayer money.

    • Agree: Sick 'n Tired
    • Replies: @Mark Tapley
    , @N30rebel
  7. Get real! Biden is no idea how to feedback to the challenge of China. He and his administration were being derisive by the world because he did not do even a moderate condemnation to warn China, apparent to he got baffled.

    There have two or more brains that controlled the Biden-Harris government. Biden and Harris are hypocritically conservative Democrats who pretend progressive. They are likely to compromise with McConnell on several issues, including the most vital agenda to liberals. Just taking imagine, Biden may promise to Senate Republicans that he would suspend supreme court judicial nomination even Justice Breyer announce retirement. The imagination is not an overstatement look back the history, see how frequently cooperated between Biden and his Republican friends.

    Otherwise, Schumer is scared AOC defeat he at primary held in two years later (that most likely happens). I’m no doubt that he will turn far left rapidly to beg AOC to delay the date against his leadership. We will see who is the boss of the democratic party.

    Nobody cares about pathetic Australians, the world observers probably see the historic scene that an Anglo-Saxon nation kneel (or Kowtow to seems more fit to East Asian culture?) its opponent without war.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  8. Perhaps if he wants to set out and show a real difference, Biden should stop drone strikes, close Guantanamo and then prosecute for war crimes everyone in the US responsible for both. That would include those at the top who approved drone strikes or building and keeping the prisoners in Guantanamo, and the lowest airman who field and maintained the drones. That would send a message.

  9. Good article, but hopeless dreams. No Republic-rat American politician will ever have the backbone to close Gitmo, and one like Biden certainly doesn’t even want to. And America will find its enthusiasm for drones starting to wane only when foreign drones start reaping closer to home, but by then it will be far too late.

  10. meamjojo says:

    No, keep the death penalty. Make it apply to more and restrict the number of appeals. Make death penalty cases take precedence over all other cases in the courts so that we don’t have people on death row for decades. If they have been assigned the death penalty, then it needs to be carried out ASAP.

    I also say that making the death as ugly & nasty as possible would help others think twice before they committed a crime that could get them that penalty. Let’s bring back death in the public square on the pike, drawn & quartered, via guillotine, etc.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  11. TG says:

    Since 1973 Joe Biden’s political career has been one shameful stabbing his fellow citizens in the back after another, there is nothing so despicable that Joe Biden wouldn’t do it, if only his wealthy patrons reward him.

    I would say that 48 years of utterly despicable corrupt anti-worker anti-American anti-peace sleaze ball corruption, is very far from ‘too early’ to criticize this completely amoral shill for the rich and powerful.

    But as they say, perhaps you should ask me how I really feel…

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  12. SafeNow says:

    “… blight on our country’s international reputation…”

    Perspective is needed. The results of the 2020 democracy index were just released, and the US ranked 25th. In the PISA educational scores, the US also ranks 25th. In “competence of medical staff “ the US ranks 27th. Observe how close these rankings are. This is our true “international reputation.” The US is good at video games. This does not create an “international reputation” that is meaningful. 25 is us. Sorry. Biden should be judged accordingly.

    • Agree: ruralguy
    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  13. meamjojo says:

    You failed to mention that Trump definitely had a propensity for stabbing his “friends” in the back or throwing them under the proverbial bus when they were no longer of value to him or they proved disloyal.

    Perhaps this is just what politicians do?

  14. @brabantian

    And add in a pardon for Assange & Snowden & a cease & desist order for Manning.
    Yes — fat chance.

  15. @Harris Chan Young

    “Nobody cares about pathetic Australians, the world observers probably see the historic scene that an Anglo-Saxon nation kneel (or Kowtow to seems more fit to East Asian culture?) its opponent”
    I don’t wish to be rude but your English is close to incomprehensible. For example —
    What “pathetic Australians” ?

  16. By the standards the democrats used on President Trump, of course it’s not too early to criticize Biden. The left began to not only criticize President Trump before his first day in office, they OPENLY stated that they would seek to remove him from office before his first day in office, by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE. This is all in the record. The hypocrisy of the democratic party leaders, the phony establishment media and leftist writers, breaks all records for the most vile hypocrisy ever recorded. The outright lies these people engage in, make Donald Trump look like a saint.

  17. Maybe Joe Biden can get a Nobel Peace Prize like Obama? He seems much better connected?

  18. The Biden Administration is no different than the Clinton, Bush and Obama Administrations. The only thing different about the Trump Administration was that Trump was not a part of it. Trump himself was not difficult to control. It’s the people who voted for him that are “problematic”. They seem to think they can just vote for anybody they want to vote for.

    The system will adjust. Voting for the wrong person will become some combination of illegal and imposssible.

  19. @brabantian

    Kamala Harris is notorious for when, as California Attorney General, she refused to authorise DNA tests for death row inmates who had serious claims of innocence

    This is why the Ruling Class loves her. She is a kindred spirit.

  20. @Wyatt

    They are just poor misguided victims of discrimination suffering from the oppressive burden of white privilege and living constantly under threat of white hate crimes. This situation can only be corrected by a much needed increase in welfare, affirmative action, minority set asides and most of all reparation payments to this segment of society still feeling the psychological impact of slavery just as the Jews are still traumatized by the holohoax.

    There is no doubt that with a much needed drastic increase in African immigration, all areas of Jewmerica would be improved by the industriousness and energy of this vibrant ethnic group. Put away those baseless discriminatory attitudes and look forward to the cultural enhancement that will be a new reality. Every community in the country needs a large enclave of negroes to be an example to the whites of how a society should work. Just look back at the negroes record of success in the advanced civilizations of Africa. Where ever there are a lot of negroes there will always be lots of peace, prosperity and progress. Look at some obvious examples such as Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Haiti. We can see examples of this positive ethnic result right here in Jewmerica in places such Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis and Watts. All of this is part of the Jew Kelergi Plan for a multicultural miscegenation for Jewmerica. No longer just proxy warriors for the Jews, the negroes will now lead the way forward to the society that Biden, Harris, Schumer, and AOC have always worked for.

  21. @brabantian

    If you think Russia isn’t executing criminals, prisoners, or political dissidents, I have a bridge in NY you might like to purchase.

    They may not have the death penalty on the books, but getting sent to a Russian prison in general becomes a death sentence for many.

  22. @meamjojo

    I have always believed that the death penalty should be carried out in the same manner as the victim/s died. Let the criminal experience the same pain and fear in the last moments of life that they inflicted on others.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  23. @SafeNow

    The results of the 2020 democracy index were just released, and the US ranked 25th. In the PISA educational scores, the US also ranks 25th. In “competence of medical staff “ the US ranks 27th.

    No doubt a facial composite study of national populations would place us somewhat lower than that on a metric that correlates with the above standards. In that sense, we’re punching above our weight.

  24. @Sick 'n Tired

    I have always believed that the death penalty should be carried out in the same manner as the victim/s died

    What if rape was involved?

  25. N30rebel says:

    “the sheer number of murderous black felons”

    While there are some blacks with dastardly habits, most serial murderers are white which has taught blacks to avoid ropes and trees and to strike back when possible. Its a matter of survival learned when the human race migrated out of Africa. Don’t forget to save a pine box for yourself.

    • Replies: @Wyatt
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